Meet Victor, our new employee and apprentice Scientific Glassblower. We hired him fresh out of graduating from Salem Community College; the only school that has a scientific glassblowing component in either the US or Canada.

Victor first took an interest in glass at a young age, watching the artistic glassblowers work at the Harbourfront Center in downtown Toronto. He signed up for flame working lessons at a small studio and started out making small beads and pendants before he went off to Pilchuck glass school to try more complex work. There, he found out about the Scientific Glass Technology program at Salem Community College and signed up immediately. He bought his own equipment and set up his own shop. So, he has been working with glass full-time in one form or another ever since.

For quite some time, Sandfire Scientific had been advertising on the American Scientific Glassblowers Society (ASGS) website and in Fusion magazine for a scientific glassblower. But such a tradesman or tradeswoman is becoming a rare breed in North America. And we weren’t the only ones posting a want ad for a scientific glassblower.

Some of the scientific glasswork may be going to other continents, likely Asia. It is also sad to note that more and more universities are shutting down their glass shop, for example, once their scientific glassblower retires. Needless to say that we were happy when Victor contacted us and that was after our ad had run out. He had just completed the 2-year scientific program at Salem.  We contacted his teacher at Salem College, Dennis, who had nothing but good things to say about his pupil.

Now, he is well mentored by Richard Morgan, President of Sandfire Scientific, who has been glassblowing for 55 years. Victor is also benefiting from the experience of Taylor Morgan, Production Manager, who has been developing his craft for a good 20 years.

Already, Victor has tackled various types of assignments.

In a region of the world where scientific glassblowers are a disappearing breed, we are glad to have a new “recruit”, as it were. As Richard points out, without Scientific Glass (and glassblowers), there would not be much “science” and a lot of the advancements we take for granted today would not have seen the light of day, optically or not.

We look forward to your next order. We’ll put Victor to task!!!