Sandfire Scientific Ltd.

Leaders in Scientific Glassblowing, Scientific Glass and Lab Glass

Sandfire Scientific manufactures and repairs Quartz and Borosilicate Glass Apparatus and Glass Systems. From basic laboratory glassware to acetic stills, Sandfire can repair or manufacture your glassware. Be they one-of-a kind items, small to large production runs, or R&D.

For 50 years, Sandfire Scientific Ltd has been supplying quality custom-made and production lab glass to private companies, learning and research institutions, as well as government agencies, working in a variety of fields, such as minerals, energy, life sciences and everything in between. We are also specialist in carbon coating, vacuum shrinking, machining and encapsulation of glass.

We are a Canadian company with a client base that spans the globe. From Gothenburg, Sweden to Lima, Peru, and from South Korea to Turkey. We offer prompt service and guarantee our work. We invite you to contact us for all your scientific glass needs by using the email link in the side bar or the quick contact form below. If you wish to include a drawing or photo with your message, please go to our contact page. Thank you.

Founder: Richard Morgan