Higher Education and Research

We’re not into name dropping, but what the hey. Once in a while, it doesn’t hurt. So, here’s a list of colleges and universities that use our plain and carbon coated Quartz ampoules, as well as other custom-made glass items:

BCIT, Binghamton, Berkeley, Brigham Young, Capilano, Cornell, Dalhousie, Darmouth, Douglas, Drexel, Duke, Groningen, Hampton, Harvard, ICES, IIT, IOS, KIST, Kwantlen, Lakehead, Laval, McGill, Memorial, METU, MIT, MTU, NTNU, Princeton, Queens, SFU, Stanford, TSU, Trinity Western(Canada), Trinity(Dublin), Turabo, UBC, Virginia Tech, WSU and many state and provincial universities in the USA and Canada. Apologies if we have missed a few.

Whether Ivy league, or not, large or small, we are happy to provide all research institutions with certain tools for pushing the boundaries of research. On many occasions, we have also been able to offer solutions on design and technical issues. And this collaboration enables us to further develop products that meet new standards.

Here are some of the comments we have received on our carbon coated ampoules:

“We’ve been very pleased with how well all of the ampoules have held up so far with our heat treatments. We haven’t experienced any problems with thermal expansion and cracks.”

“Hi Klaus,
These guys are really good! They do all our coatings. We constantly work with them over the phone. They do excellent glassblowing; they’re very reasonable on pricing and extremely dependable on delivery times. They’re like the world’s experts on carbon coating.”

In addition to universities, we also provide our glassware to a number of private and public research labs and institutes, such as ICES(Singapore), IMRA(Europe), LBNL, NASA and others around the world. We even provide ampoules to the research labs who actually manufacture glass tubing like Momentive Performance Quartz, Saint-Gobain Research, and Schott North America.

So, we are confident that we can help you with your research project. Just give us a call…