Quartz Products

Some of our quartz products include a variety of items such as ICP torches, nebulizers, injectors and Spray Chambers for use in various areas of research and development. NMR Spectroscopy is another field where we have developed highly efficient Dewars. Please see our January 2013 News blog about our Varian and Bruker-type Dewars.

We also build intricate pieces of equipment like Sub-Boiling Stills for Acid and base manufacturers. Their clients demand the highest product purity, which they obtain using our Stills and sub-boilers.

We make Quartz crucibles and ampoules for growing crystals. Some are coated with a layer of Carbon to facilitate the removal of ingots. More information is available on our October 2012 and August 2013 News.

Quartz Tubes for manufacturing diamond core drill for mineral exploration. Our Quartz tubes are used to braise the diamond drill tip, as an example, onto the shaft of the drill in a controlled atmosphere, usually inert.

Quartz cells and windows are other items we make. Whatever your Quartz ware needs are, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with quotes and lead times.

We also have the capability of machining glass using a variety of equipment, such as milling machine, lathes, lapping plates, cut off saws and more.

Some of our quartz products include:
  • Quartz ampoules
  • Quartz ampoules, carbon coated
  • Quartz ampoules, precision
  • Quartz ampoules, tapered
  • Quartz ampoules, vacuumed formed
  • Quartz boats
  • Quartz carbon coating
  • Quartz cells
  • Quartz Dewars, Bruker
  • Quartz Dewars, Varian
  • Quartz Dewars, NMR
  • Quartz fabrication
  • Quartz forming
  • Quartz glassblowing
  • Quartz grinding & polishing
  • Quartz ICP torches
  • Quartz ICP torch repairs
  • Quartz machining
  • Quartz precision tubing
  • Quartz vacuum work
  • Quartz vacuum shrink tubing
  • Quartz Stills
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