Scientific Glass and Mining Exploration

Quartz furnace tubes are one of the items we manufacture at Sandfire Scientific for the mining industry. The photo above shows a large diameter tube; over 350mm OD, although tubing size varies depending on requirements.

Diamond drill manufacturers use our furnace tubes to “create” their proprietary bits for use in core exploration. Industrial diamonds are normally set in a soft matrix. Hydrogen induction brazing is the preferred method of joining the diamonds to the matric. After the bits have been manufactured, they are then mounted on stems and attached to the drills. The drill bits are made specific to the type of rock to be drilled, among other factors. The larger the drill, the larger the core, but depth of drilling is more limited compared with smaller drill bits.

We are proud to say that we supply furnace tubes to companies that are highly regarded in the manufacturing of diamond drill bits for mining exploration.

If you are interested in our furnace tubes and other Quartz glass products, please contact us.