Layer of Pyrolyzed Carbon on Quartz Glass

We are continuing our work with carbon coating of Quartz Glass surfaces.

As mentioned in a previous blog, we have developed techniques for depositing a layer of pyrolysed carbon onto a heated Quartz glass surface. We continued to refine our process and can now vary the thickness from very light to heavy.

We also have developed a method of measuring the resistance of the deposited layer without affecting the layer of carbon. The next step in our research was to measure the thickness of the carbon layers. We were helped in that endeavor by 4DLabs at Simon Fraser University. They provided the expertise and technical know-how to analyze our samples with their FEI 430 Nano SEM; a field emission scanning electron microscope.

There were three major groups of coating which was reflected in the thickness, as we expected, and we can use that knowledge to help predict thickness by using the electrical resistance of the tube coating. This was a critical part of our quest for product improvement.

We are now equipped to use that information and will implement changes to provide our customers with even better carbon coated Quartz ampoules.