Carbon Coated Ampoules to Japan and Spain

Recently, we have sold our carbon coated ampoules to a company in Japan, and a university in Spain. Speaking of universities, we count many research facilities and universities, including members of the Ivy League, amongst our clients. We are grateful and thank each and every one of them.

We continue to refine our techniques. We are able to apply very thin layers of carbon. So thin, in fact, that you can still see through the Quartz. We have also coated ceramic tiles for a major manufacturer of Quartz and Ceramic products.

For some of our customers, we also shrink Quartz ampoules on graphite formers, under vacuum. This allows for a consistent shape and radius, thus facilitating the removal of the product. Then, we carbon coat them, or not, depending on their application.

We invite you to contact us for your carbon coating or vacuum shrink needs.