Technology Innovation

Back in 1989 Sandfire Scientific was approached by a world leader in mineral exploration. They had been a customer of ours for some time already and they needed a distillation unit for one of their plants.

Not only did we manufacture all the glass components, but we also built the unit itself. The end result was a distillation unit that could produce 6 litres of high purity distilled water.

Moving forward to 2012, the company contacted us to see if we could repair the borosilicate condenser and the boiler that were broken when they disassemble the unit to clean it. The pieces lasted a good 23 years. In addition to repairing the condenser and boiler, they also wanted new ones to serve as backups. Needless to say that we were very proud of the reliability of our unit, which we built from the ground up.

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The distillation unit includes a boiler with overflow, condenser, drain tap and various joints, making up the glass components. A parts list and complete set of instructions for assembly was included with the original distillation unit.

We have included a few photographs showing the unit. In one of them, young apprentice Taylor is keeping an eye on things. And he continues to do so now as Production Manager and R&D. Please feel free to contact him for all your production and R&D needs: