Happy 2015!!!

We could start the year by talking about the progress we are making around the world with our Carbon Coated Quartz ampoules for crystal growth and other experiment. We now have interests from Australia and Latvia.

We could remind people that several manufacturers require a carbon layer to separate the crystal material from the surface of the quartz ampoule. The pyrolyzed carbon facilitates crystal removal and allows for repeated usage of the ampoule. To meet the requirements of our customers, Sandfire Scientific has developed several methods of putting a high-purity layer of pyrolyzed carbon on the inside of Quartz tubes from 6mm to 125mm ID and lengths of over 450mm. Our advanced method of applying pyrolyzed carbon is much faster than the traditional oven method and is much more cost effective.

We could remind folks that we strive for customer satisfaction regardless of the type or size of the order; be it borosilicate tubing for a new state of the art water filtration system or a large Quartz still. Every customer is important to us.

And that we are heavily involved in Research & Development.

Instead, we will share with you a photo of our brand new concrete pad for unloading all those glass tubes we receive and for loading the orders we ship to our customers around the world. Looking at the picture makes you want to pull out the patio set and BBQ. We can’t offer you steak, but we can certainly offer you quality lab glass. And our work is guaranteed.

We wish you all the very best for 2015!!!