Impingers. How exciting?

Impingers may not keep you awake at night, but they have a function.

We have customers who use our impingers to collect samples of suspended particles by impinging a stream of the suspension on a liquid.

Other methods of analysis call for a conical flask with a side arm. The side arm is sealed and a syringe is inserted through to add an agent, such as an acid, to produce a reaction.

The sampling tubes can be connected in series and heated. They can be placed in a rack and immersed in an ice bath. It all depends on the test performed.

Some advancement in Health and Safety were made thanks to researchers E.D. Palmes and A.F. Gunnison who developed Passive Sampling in the early 1970s. Impingement, impingers, zzzzzzzzz

Need impingers? Get em right here.

P.S. We also make Digestion tubes; Quartz, borosilicate. Cold fingers, TKN tubes, Tuttle covers, etc.