Military and Civilian Contractors

Sometimes, our services are called upon by  the military and some of their civilian contractors. We recently shipped a batch of quartz windows to a major jet engine manufacturer. They use the windows to inspect carbon deposit inside their engines.

At the moment, we are assisting a company that specializes in personal and personnel protection equipment. Not only are they a major supplier of protection equipment, but R&D is a priority in their company. We provide labware for the research and testing they do in permeation. We reproduced a glass vessel similar to their Büchi reactor, so they can see the liquid stir pattern.

We also supply them with glass funnels. They use the funnels in accordance with the program established to test service respirators/masks, as well as canisters and materials. The holes of the spray nozzle have to be as cylindrical as possible to offer the lowest restriction possible, even if the holes are just under 1mm in diameter.

You have a special project that requires Quartz or Borosilicate, and above all confidentiality? We invite you to contact us. Thank you!