Our suppliers, a big reason for our company’s success.

Before our finished products are in the hands of our customers, there are a number of things that need to come together before we even begin manufacturing the orders. That’s where our suppliers come in.

First and foremost, we have to obtain the right glass material. There are few companies who manufacture excellent Quartz or Borosilicate products. Just like with our customers, we have forged strong relationships with our suppliers. One of them comes to mind; John Hauer. John passed away at the young age of 56, last September. He worked for GM Associates. John was at GM Associates for some 35 years. Needless to say that he had done it all and we often asked for his counsel when we were puzzled by questions relating to projects involving Quartz. John was also very involved with the regional and national Scientific Glassblower Society.

Then, we rely on our contacts to provide us with the type of torches and tips we like to use for our work. The valves to release the gases have to be just so; not too tight and not too loose. And the gases we use; their purity and the way we mix them, when we apply our carbon coating, for example, have to be right. The lathes and annealing ovens have to be maintained and work perfectly. Measuring and QC tools have to be updated from time to time. The list things required to complete a project goes on and on. Then, we have to make sure that an adequate supply of shipping material is on hand to complete the final step of getting the orders to our clients.

Of course, deliveries of supplies have to be made on time or be available for quick shipment. Once an order has been placed, our customers want to receive their items in a timely fashion. From time to time we pause and consider how fortunate we are to have strong relationships with our suppliers. So, this blog is really to say thank you to all our suppliers, including John wherever he may be, for all the assistance and products they have supplied us over the years.

Thank you!!!