Props, anyone?

On a lighter side of the scientific glassblowing business, Sandfire Scientific is called upon, from time to time, to create unique items for the film and television industry.

Be they for feature films or television shows and advertising, we have supplied the industry with some very interesting pieces. We have made special effects items, such as a life-size head made of glass for inserting a light bulb for a utility conglomerate Ad. One time, we created a double-wall glass for a film. Another interesting glass item we made was a flask with a special gas burner inside it. The ring-shaped blue flames lit up the flask (almost like looking into a crystal ball). In addition to designing the burners and making the flask, we also operated it in the film studio for the shoot.

A couple months ago, we were approached by a film studio in Chicago. They needed beakers for a TV commercial for a leading American company in skin care products. The beakers had to be perfect. More recently, we were contacted by a film studio in Hollywood. They needed an hourglass. And the hourglass had to contain sand that came from the location where the movie was being filmed. The hourglass also had to run for 1 hour. Because the movie business often works with deadlines, we had to make the piece very quickly, so it could be on set as scheduled. We managed to do it, and we know that the movie will be a huge hit. The Western is due for release in early July, and we are very proud that we will have contributed to its success in a small way.

We enjoy the creative process and find it fun working for film and media. We look forward to other requests. Let Sandfire Scientific bring your creative ideas to fruition.