Quartz Furnace Tubes for Drill bit manufacturing

From Limestone to Sandstone, and everything in between, bits are required by the mining and exploration industry for drilling; be they diamond impregnated or metal bond.

There are a number of drill bit manufacturers in Canada, and abroad, and Sandfire Scientific Ltd supplies large – 8” to 14” OD – machined and polished Quartz tubes to a number of those companies. The quartz tubes are used in RF furnaces to manufacture the drill bits. Of course, it is all proprietary and we are unable to reveal how we arrive at the finished product. Let’s just say, however, that Sandfire has been providing drill bit manufacturers with tubes of various sizes and lengths over the years. The Quartz tubes are custom-made to client specs. We’ve just completed a shipment of 13 such tubes to a Canadian customer. We’ve also shipped our tubes to a Chinese company that manufactures drilling bits and supplies tools to the mining industry in that part of the world.

We are always comfortable signing non-disclosure agreements. If you manufacture drilling bits and are in need of quartz tubes for your RF furnaces, we will be happy to supply you with an excellent product. Give us a call or drop us a line by email: info@sandfire.com