Research & Development and Customer Satisfaction

Here is a comment we received from a satisfied customer for an order we filled in April:

“I received the crucibles today. They look like just what I wanted.  They fit perfectly on the sample holder. I appreciate the fast service, from beginning to end it was quick and easy.”

– Joe Bell, Brigham Young University, Chemical Engineering Dept.

We strive for customer satisfaction regardless of the type or size of the order; be it a borosilicate tube with bent ends for a fish hatchery or a $12,000 Acetic Still, made of Quartz, for a Chemical Manufacturer. We also very much enjoy the Research & Development side of our business.

Since the early years of science, scientific glassblowers have been an essential part of the research team. With cost cutting measures, especially in recent years, Universities, and other research institutions, have had to rely on external sources for their research support, since they no longer have an in-house scientific glassblower. As that “external source”, we have chosen to maintain that close relationship with the research world, as is evidenced by our earlier article on Dewars. In the early sixties, after his training at Oxford University, Richard Morgan set up the lab at the University of Hull in England. They began doing research and development in Crystal growth, a science that was in its infancy at the time.

Taylor Morgan, Production, R&D Manager has made it a priority for Sandfire Scientific to continue its tradition of assisting researchers. Whether it is Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for Cornell University; Optics and Photonics at Université Laval; Materials Science at Washington State University; Crystal Growth at the University of Victoria, Molecular Beam Epitaxy for Texas State University or Thermogravimetry Analysis for Brigham Young University, to name a few, we are here to assist you with your R&D projects.

Sandfire Scientific looks forward to maintaining and expanding that connection on many fronts and with many new different materials. And to continue to offer great customer service in the process; from idea to drawing to final product. Ask us how we can be of assistance.