The great unknown – Trials and tribulations of a glass research company

We can’t show you pictures of some of the R&D that we do, how we do it or when we do it, but here are some feedbacks from our customers.

I just received the package, only one word to say…Wow! ? Thanks a lot!!

Steve (Researcher at a major University)

We have received the tubes and appreciate the quick turnaround. We think they look great but of course performance is the key criteria. We have tested several other tubes in the past two weeks with very spotty results so we are all excited to see how your product works.

Greg (Producer of nanocrystals)

We appear to have broken a lot of lab glass in the last few weeks and are running short here in the lab. I’m wondering if you might be able to tell me when we might get some of the repairs we sent out last week?
Thanks. We received all the repaired glassware. Much appreciated!!!

From Lab of one of the world’s largest analytical testing providers
(Not R&D. They do analysis. We thought we’d throw that one in, anyways)

Hi, Richard;
The ampoules worked out great. Thanks.

G.R. (provider of semiconductor substrates)